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Client: Ian Breaker

Business Advisor: Alex Sen

Business Name: Ian Breaker - Author

Finding myself on benefits, I asked my work coach if there might be any help available via the Jobcentre or DWP to start up in business. It was then he told me about the New Enterprise Allowance Programme. My work coach started the ball rolling and I was invited to a workshop with Alex Sen who introduced the NEA programme and I was pleased to get on the programme as soon as possible.

I had the idea for starting a publishing business a good few years ago but at the time was busy with other projects and then whilst browsing through Amazon it suddenly dawned on me that I could publish digitally through Kindle and sell through Amazon at a low cost.

Alex worked me to help me over a number of weeks to produce a viable Business Plan which was approved on 31st March 2020 and it enabled me to launch my business on 6th April 2020 with some useful financial assistance and free access to Alex's help for 12 months for any NEA business assistance I might need is invaluable.

Although the current health situation in the UK, and in fact the World, has turned everything upside down at the moment, and causing a lot of turmoil, it is a strange coincidence that setting up in business as a digital publisher now, when so many of us have to stay at home and are looking for ways to occupy our time, has meant that I seem to be in at the right place at the right time with my business idea.

In fact, my first book to be available on Amazon is called "5 Ways to Improve Your Life While Stuck At Home". I hope it will offer some useful ways to increase wellbeing at this stressful time.

I am glad that the NEA is available - it has helped me get up and running so much quicker than I could have done without it. I'd recommend it to anybody currently signing on who is wanting to start their own business. Alex has been great, always helpful and offering really useful advice and guidance.

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