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Clients: Rebecca Lloyd

Job Centre: Port Talbot

Business Advisor: Tammy Fraser

Business Name: Mrs makeover

I was unemployed for a few years due to unforeseen circumstances. After applying for Universal Credit in 2018, I realised there was not enough money to pay my rent and bills, let alone buy myself food. I was plummeted under the Poverty Line and in a desperate situation.

My work coach at the Job Centre referred me to New Enterprise Allowance to explore self employment. I took relevant courses at the Business Centre, to help me learn what was involved in being Self Employed and setting up a business as a Painter and Decorator.

I have a passion for painting and decorating. This I get from my Mother as from a young age, I always remember seeing my mother painting and wallpapering. She always did her own decorating, but also for other friends and family too. I would often sit and watch her curiously whilst she decorated and realised how skilled she was, especially with wallpapering. I would watch intently how she seemed to effortlessly hang each sheet of paper, and I noticed how she would get the paper around corners, window frames and electrical sockets, so neatly. I realised I could offer something different as painting and decorating is a male dominated industry and some people would prefer a woman to do the work.

I am a Mum with 2 daughters age 21 and 16 years and it was very hard trying to get set up, as a lack of money meant I had to purchase relevant tools gradually and build them up over time. I am still continuously adding to my tools. I had a Start Up Grant, which the Business Centre helped me with. I also had good practical help and advice from Tammy Fraser my NEA Advisor on setting up and running a business, and Tammy also got me signed up for the Enterprise Allowance, which has been a great help, helping me to purchase tools, fuel to run my car and consumables. Without the support and encouragement I have received, I am not sure I would have been brave enough to start up.

I finally registered for Self Employment in March 2019. I have worked really hard to change my financial situation, and to make the business work. I absolutely love what I do, it's hard work but I am able to work and support myself doing a job I love.

I won the "Prime Cymru's New Business 2019 Award" I and was invited to Prince Charles residence in Llwynywernod, to be presented the award by His Royal Highness on 3rd July 2019. It was a wonderful day, and a day I will never forget.

I feel the Business is going well, and I currently have work booked in my diary for several months which is unbelievable. I'm so happy that I have had the opportunity to work hard to change my situation and grateful to every organisation that's helped make it possible.

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